How Social Media Has Changed the Employee Recruitment Process


Social media has drastically changed the way employees are recruited. These days we are seeing less job opportunities being advertised the traditional was such as being published in newspapers. Now we seeing more employers learning to embrace social media as a tool to alter and improve the recruitment of employees. This post will look at how social media has changed the way people can find job opportunities, the impact of LinkedIn, and how your behaviour on social media can determine your chances of being hired.

Firstly, social media has become an important element when employers are looking to recruit new employees. Social media sites including Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter have communities where people can share their resume with employers. Employers also benefit from recruiting with social media as it is inexpensive and allows them to search for varieties of potential employees with different experiences and credentials within a short time frame. Additionally, people looking for jobs are able to browse employment opportunities more easily. Employers can also make their search for potential candidates more efficient as they are able to view detailed profiles of people which provide them with information about the different people.

Social media site LinkedIn has made a prominent impact on employment. LinkedIn is the main social media platform that is built upon the foundation of professionalism in a social media world. LinkedIn is able to post job opportunities and then view the people who have shown an interest. Perhaps the most notable tool on LinkedIn when it comes to employment is LinkedIn Recruiter. It is a feature for employers looking to hire people. It is beneficial because it allows members to display text underneath their profile picture with the words “open to new opportunities” and this helps employers find people who are serious about their employment search.

LinkedIn (Image Source)

Lastly, social media has changed the recruitment process as it helps employers choose appropriate people for the jobs. Today most employers view potential applicants social media profiles prior to interviewing them. This provides employers with a brief background of the candidate’s personality or behaviour to see if they seem like a suitable person for the position.

As shown in the points above, it is clear to see the impact that social media has had on the employee recruitment process. It is expected that the recruiting process will continue to evolve as social media also continues to change.


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