How Pinterest Can Help To Grow Businesses
Pinterest (Image Source)



Most businesses currently use Facebook, Twitter or Instagram for their social media services; however Pinterest has proven to be a platform that can reach audiences due to its high focus on visual content. “Pinterest is a platform that allows users to share and save content to virtual collections called pinboards.” Businesses can sign up for business accounts on the site which provide access to features, such as analytic tools, to enhance your businesses performance on the platform. This post will examine how Pinterest can help to increase a brand or businesses reach through targeting and advertising.

Pinterest’s ability to target to specific audiences is one of the features that make it a beneficial and effective platform for businesses who want to grow. Pinterest allows you to target Promoted Pins towards specific users based on their search words, location, interests or even the type of device they are using. However, using your business data, it can also target Promoted Pins to “combine what you know about your customers with what we know about people on Pinterest.” Additionally, Pinterest uses three types of targeting: customer list targeting, visitor retargeting, and lookalike targeting. Customer list targeting focuses on existing customers using email or mobile; visitor retargeting is reaching people who have already visited the site; and lookalike targeting which reaches a greater amount of people who are similar to the business’ audience. Targeting with Pinterest creates effective results.  For some people, “lookalike targeting increased click through rates as much as 63% and boosted reach up to 30x.

Pinterest can also help businesses grow with advertising. Using Promoted Pins are successful at exposing your business content to a larger amount of relevant people. Pinterest allows you to manage, create and edit your Promoted Pins through the Pinterest Ads Manager. You can also track conversion to see how effective your Promoted Pins are by monitoring page visits, sign-ups, checkouts, customer conversions, clicks and views.

Pinterest has continued to develop as a social media site that can help businesses expand. Through its various targeting abilities and advertising features, Pinterest is proven to be a valuable platform for a business that wishes to grow.


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