3 Brands Successfully Using Snapchat For Marketing

Snapchat (Image Source)




Snapchat has developed into an effective social media platform for brands to market products or services. Here are three examples of brands that are successfully using Snapchat for marketing purposes.

World Wildlife Fund is using Snapchat for a creative campaign to create awareness of endangered species. Their campaign where WWF in Denmark and Turkey teamed up with agency 41?29! is called #LastSelfie and the animal conservation organisation is encouraging Snapchat users to take a picture of their upsetting advertisements and send it to their friends. The campaign states, “In a way Snapchat is a mirror of real life, the images you see are transient, instant, unique, yet only live for a few seconds. Just like these endangered animals.” By comparing the fleeting existence of a Snapchat post to the threat facing many species around the world, WWF has emphasised that if action isn’t taken in real life, these species will disappear for good.

Audi partnered with The Onion to Snapchat during the Superbowl in 2014. Audi’s aim in using Snapchat was to promote their bran to the Millennials demographic. The Onion helped to create entertaining and humorous captions and photos of the reactions of people’s watching the Superbowl game. As a result of this strategy, throughout the game, the number of followers on Audi’s Snapchat increased by over 5,500.

Lastly, NARS used Snapchat when promoting the announcement of their new Guy Bourdin colour cosmetics collection. Only people who added NARSissist as a friend on Snapchat before a certain time were able to preview the content. “The exclusivity and opportunity to send personalized content for a limited time only made Snapchat the perfect forum for this announcement.”

Using these three examples, it is clear to see how Snapchat can be an effective social media platform for brands. It can help to promote, raise awareness and improve engagement with consumers.


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