Different Types of Facebook Ads

Facebook has become a ubiquitous social media platform when it comes to advertising, with three million businesses actively advertising on Facebook from all around the world. The growth of Facebook advertisers increased by 50% from 2015-2016, and Facebook is continuing to alter its advertising formats to fit the needs of users, creating a type of ad suitable for all campaigns. Here are some the different ways you can advertise on Facebook to achieve your business’ specific advertising purposes.  

If You Want To Encourage Visitors to Your Store/Event:

Whilst it is difficult to accurately measure the results of advertisements for offline promotions, as long as ads are targeted correctly, they can prove highly effective in their performance. The first type of ad is Facebook Events. These ads are great for attracting visitors and can be placed in the right column, on newsfeeds, and on mobiles.

Example of a Facebook Event Ad


 If You Want To Increase Traffic To Your Website:

Page Post Link ads (or Newsfeed Ads) are useful if you wish to promote your website, encourage users to visit a specific landing page, buy your product, or sign-up to a mailing list or newsletter. These ads are placed in newsfeeds, right column and mobiles. They are also excellent for creating Likes for the page.

Example of a Page Post Link Ad

Another effective ad for this purpose is Domain ads. This type of ad is placed on the right column of the Facebook newsfeed. A benefit of this one is that it is cheaper than other Facebook ads.

Example of a Domain Facebook Ad


If You Want To Increase The Amount Of Engagement on Your Page

Page Post Video ads are excellent for boosting engagement on your page. These ads can be placed in the right column, on mobile and in newsfeeds, and is useful to connect with visitors. A benefit is that it allows you to re-target users based on how much of your video they view.

These are only a few of the many ads Facebook offers to help businesses expand their audience reach and engagement. No matter what the advertising purpose is for your business, Facebook offers an ad format that is suitable and can provide you with successful results.

An example of a Page Post Video ad

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